Collection Two: Bathing Rituals

We started this project with the simple intention of making things around us a little more interesting, a little better. Our latest collection is something we use every day and is in need of a little more attention: soap.

Soap is a quotidian product but rich with metaphorical meanings: we wash our hands of bad situations, we "come clean", and we all want to start with a clean slate. Washing with soap is a requirement from our parents before meals, an indication to others that you're part of the civilized world, and a health necessity in many scenarios. Washing our hands under running water is also a subconscious reminder that we're floating on this small, round, and very wet ball in the sky.

All of those rich and frothy metaphors and yet we're forced to settle for "bars and bottles" in our daily use. We lack thoughtful, fun, new, and problem solving interpretations.

Before we started our design process we dug into the current state of the world of soap. We were inspired by the enthusiastic and optimistic DIY craft movement. They reminded us of how fun it is to play with our hands and the simple elements that make up great soap. We analyzed the top brands who are doing amazing packaging, but often felt like the packaging was the product. And after experiencing the tactile childlike joy of using our custom made solid soap, the ambiguous gooey liquid soaps seemed closer like oiling a machine than caring for our bodies.

And then finally we dug in to the most emotionally powerful aspect of soap, the scent. Our scent research was an amazing mix of science, art and, in the end, language, as we tried to define and fine tune our discoveries and our creations. After crisscrossing global bazaar of the New York City boroughs, we found the perfect ingredients for our scent palette. We mixed and tested until we finally had the consistency and intensity of our family of soap scents, all sharing a broadly appealing personality with a magnetic character that draws back for your daily ritual.

The surprise of the design process was how far our form studies changed as we narrowed in our scents. We discovered the scent profiles were also influencing the final forms, sometimes making them larger, sometimes more formal, sometimes more casual. Our final design combines the nostalgia and practicality of soap on a rope, sophisticated scents, natural ingredients, and original forms that looks good in any bathroom.

They're a wonderful gift for family and friends but we hope you will see the benefit of using them every day.

Enjoy your next shower,
Cat and Mark